Welcome!  My name is Rachel, I started this blog back in November of 2017.  Reason why, because of my recent divorce and it was a therapy for me, it allowed me to get out what was going on in my life and challenged  myself to let go of fear and judgement of others.  What happened, was very surprising and inspiring to me!  I was actually helping people who were stuck in their lives, giving them hope, and a feeling that they were not alone in there journey.

Now you may be asking yourself, how am I able to help, make a difference or inspire people?  I believe it is for the simple reasons that I am honest, real, and I have had so many experiences with loss and becoming divorced.  I don’t have a degree from school, but I like to say I have a degree in Life, that I have endured tremendous loss, not just deaths, but becoming divorced and despite all of these events, I am today grateful for it all.  I found me again, my purpose, living a free and awakened life.

My intent with my blog is to inspire people going through difficult times, grieving the loss of a loved one, divorce, whatever it maybe, to show there is always a positive for all the negatives, truly knowing life is not over after these events happen, but rather life can just be beginning.  None of us should ever feel alone, especially during the dark, hard times of life.  Life is short, be the best you, give and you will receive back what you put out to the world.

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All the love,

Rachel XO